Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hello People! Let Make Some Ease Money,

Why it is that many ask question and nobody eager to answer them. Basically most of the question base on the adventure of living, adaptation, survives, response to stimuli’s (physical needs), and exist from this world. Here is some of the question that human being do asked themselves.
1.      What did I want to become? E.g. Somebody/Nobody (Dream/Goals)
2.      Why did I need to become? E.g.  Reasonable or Not (on what Value)
3.      Where did I need to become? E.g. Heaven or Earth (Place)
4.      When did I need to become? E.g. Morning/ Late in the night (Time)
5.      How am I going to become? E.g. Procedure (Steps)
Your answer base on how GREAT Vision, Mission, Objective, Aims’, Goals and Dream you possess or running after. If you chose to become a Doctor you need to understand their some step that has been assign to take before Goals or Dream is accomplished.
This formula (W­4H) is applied to all. So for anybody to become want he want to be; such person must know how to use this formula to solve any problem that He /She may face on her way to success.
I can guess that what will come to your mind is that; How can we  know how to use (procedure) the formula and apply it properly to solve the ugly problem that everybody can run for.
Which problem is that ?  
Let me take their Head Master which is MASTER FP.
To say the fact this master is a giant but you can overcome it and send it into life imprisonment in your life. Okay let go together and finish HIM by send for me through this email add:

Thank you for doing so,

Pls NOTE: I cannot tell you the FORMULA for success but I can tell you the FORMULA for failure which is try to please everybody

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